Hello to anyone who actually reads this… I don’t know why but hey. 😀 I’ve decided to take up this blogging malarkey again. At first, this was just a college assignment but I actually ended up enjoying it surprisingly. So… I’m back if anyone cares. I’m going to be talking about  anything that’s going on … More Update

Music + Merch

Helloooo and welcome back (I never know what to day here aah) Today, I’m going to be talking about merchandise (merch as us kool kidz say). I love merch, it’s one of my favourite things ever because you can showcase the person/people whose music you love so much. You’re basically a walking advertisement for them … More Music + Merch

Music + Magazines

WELCOME BACK! (Two posts in a day? Whaaaaat?! MENTAL) Alright, today I’m going to talk briefly about the 3 different magazines that I know of that cater for the types of music I write about. Kerrang! Rock Sound Alternative Press Kerrang! (Photo Credit) latest issue of Kerrang! Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock … More Music + Magazines

Music + Classics

Hellooo and welcome back. It’s gonna be a short post today. I’m going to be showing you some of the classic punk rock/pop rock/pop rock songs that everyone should have in their playlists. These are some examples of the most popular songs by these guys and they’re popular for a reason; THEY’RE DAMN GOOD ALRIGHT?! … More Music + Classics

Music + Twitter

Bienvenue, mes petites gens de musique! (aka welcome, my little music friends) Today, I’m going recommend some music people’s Twitters that I think you should follow so you don’t miss out on the #banter. Whether it’s something inspirational or something fucking hilarious these people will deliver. (Photo Credit) Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) This man is my queen … More Music + Twitter